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Custom Seat Covers Mossy Oak Neosupreme

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2000 Ford F-250, 350 (Super Duty)

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Front Row Seat Covers:
40/20/40 w/builtin headrest, w/folding console w/o top-mounted cupholder, w/o builtin seatbelt
50/50 Bucket, W/Armrest, W/O Builtin Belt, W/Builtin Headrest
50/50 Bucket, W/O Armrest, W/O Builtin Belt, W/Builtin Headrest
Solid Bench w/tall rounded built-in headrests, also fits F-450 and F-550

Rear Row Seat Covers:
60/40 Bottom Split, Solid Backrest, W/O Headrest
CREW CAB, Solid Bench, w/o armrest, w/o headrest, also fits F-450 and F-550
CREW CAB, Solid Bench, W/O Hdrst, W/Armrst, W/Cupholder in Armrst
CREW CAB, Solid Bench, W/O Hdrst, W/Armrst, W/O Cupholder in Armrst

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Sample 50/50 Bucket Seats in Mossy Oak Break-Up
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Exclusive licensed Mossy Oak camouflage print patterns in Coverking's Neosupreme fabric. Neosupreme looks virtually identical to CR-Grade Neoprene, at a far more economical price. Easy to clean and install, Neosupreme on your 2000 Ford F-250, 350 (Super Duty) is a great choice for those on a budget.

Includes covers for your vehicle's headrests, seat-mounted armrests and folding consoles (on 40/20/40 configurations). Front seat map pockets are standard. Airbag flaps provided when noted. Exclusive Fabric Notes

Neosupreme a feels like the Neoprene fabric, but thinner. It is about 5 millimeters thick and lacks the actual neoprene rubber layer, which makes it much more economical. It feels a little less spongy than Neoprene (which is about twice as thick). The outer layer is about the same as Neoprene, a soft, stretchy swim suit-like feel. Water does go through the fabric into the foam layer. If you like Neoprene, but can't afford the higher cost, this is a good choice.
Color Notes: Black is a dark black. Gray is a medium gray. Charcoal is in between a tad closer to black. Blue is a dark black-blue (very different from Neoprene, which is bright royal blue). Tan is sandy brown tan with a very slight cast of orange. Red is a very bright red.


Learn more about Coverking Seat Covers

Custom Tailored Seat Covers from Coverking are designed to last for years and fit PERFECTLY! All headrest covers, armrest covers, console covers and map pockets are included! People will think you've spent thousands on a complete re-upholstery.

Coverking's Custom Seat Covers are available for almost all vehicles and all rows! Purchase a single row or purchase all rows for complete interior protection and a uniform, custom look to your vehicle interior! The wide fabric and color selection allows you to match or compliment the original vehicle interior colors.

Unlike other seat covers, your seats will be able to recline, fold and be removed just as they were before being covered! Coverking Custom Seat Covers are designed to allow all the original seat functionality.
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