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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are your covers custom fitted or universal sized covers?
We sell only fully custom covers. All of our covers are 100% custom fitted for a particular make, model, year and style. We do not sell any universal covers or "semi-custom" covers.
How long will it take to get my cover?
All of our custom covers are manufactured to order. Production times vary and are updated on this page. Orders are shipped from Southern California, so allow 1-5 business days for shipping, depending on where you are located.
Where are your products made?
All products are designed in the USA and predominantly made at the Coverking factory in Anaheim, California. To maintain reasonable production times, in some cases portions of product assembly are completed outside the US.
Do your products have a warranty?
All products carry at least a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
Can you send me some fabric swatches so I can choose the right fabric/color?
We sure can. There are a limited number of fabric swatches available, so please narrow down your choices, or ask us for help in selecting fabrics/colors. Please use our online form to contact us. Make sure you provide your mailing address.
I don't see my vehicle listed? Do you have a custom cover for it?
In most cases, if your vehicle is not listed, we do not have a cover for it. The pattern database is being updated all the time, particularly for most recent model years. Please ask us if you need help finding your vehicle.

Seat Covers

Are both driver and passenger seat covers included?
Yes, seat cover pricing is per row. One row includes all covers in the front row (driver and passenger) or all covers in the back row
Are back seats covers included?
No, seat cover pricing is per row, so the back seat covers are purchased separately.
I see front seat covers, but not back seat covers for my vehicle. Do you have custom seat covers for the rear seats?
We do not carry rear seat covers for every model. Sometimes the design of the rear seats makes it impossible to construct a properly fitting custom seat cover. In most cases, if you do not see rear seat covers, we do not have them. Please ask us if you want to make sure.
I have side airbags on my seats. Can I still use the seat covers?
For vehicles with side airbags, make sure the seat cover pattern description includes "w/side airbag." The seat cover will have flaps to allow the side airbags to deploy safely and properly.
Do seat covers come with center console covers?
Center consoles that fold down and are part of the seat have covers. Center consoles that are not part of a seat (such as with 50/50 bucket seats) do not have covers.
Can I install seat covers myself? Do I need professional installation?
Custom seat covers are designed for the car owner to install. Typical installation time is 30-60 minutes for a row of covers. Professional installation is not needed except for patterns noted with "Professional Installation Required" or "Complex Installation." Please visit the installation web page for installation instructions and sample installation videos.
How are seat covers secured? Do I remove the existing covers?
Seat covers are installed over the existing seats. The original seat covers should not be removed. The new seat covers are secured with velcro, elastic, straps and buckles and/or zippers, depending on the vehicle.
Can I purchase just one part of a seat cover (such as just the driver seat covers, or just the seat bottom cover or just an armrest or headrest cover)?
No, seat covers can only be purchased as a full set in a row

Car Covers

Do the custom car covers have side mirror pockets?
All covers for modern cars come with side mirror pockets. Some patterns for older model cars will indicate "No side view mirror pockets." The cover would fit right over the car, including the side view mirrors.
My vehicle has custom parts/accessories. Will your covers fit?
Our cover patterns are very specific and designed for manufacturer stock vehicles. If you have aftermarket or dealer customizations (spoilers, wings, roof racks, body kits), the cover may not fit. Please ask us if you are unsure.
How are the car covers secured?
Car covers have elastic on the front and rear bottoms to help secure the cover. Mirror pockets also help to hold the cover down. There are grommet holes on the two sides of the cover which you can use a rope, bungee cord, or our cable and lock kit to further secure the cover.
How to I install the car cover?
The car cover should be unrolled on top of the vehicle. If the cover has mirror pockets, cover the side view mirrors first. Then pull the cover cover the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle.

Dash Covers

What is the difference between a Molded Dash Cover and a "Regular" Dash cover?
Molded dash covers are made from one continuous piece of fabric and molded to the shape of the dash. The resulting dash cover has a cleaner look than a regular dash cover, which has several pieces stitched together to conform to the dash. A molded dash cover will not be rigid or hard. It is still a soft fabric cover that conforms to the dash.

Returns / Exchanges

Can I return a cover?
Products may be returned within 30 days. There is a 15% restocking fee on returns or exchanges. Please see our complete return policy or request a return authorization.
I chose the wrong fabric/color. Can I exchange the cover?
We highly encourage you to select the right fabric/color the first time around. Please ask us if you need help selecting the right cover. Fabric swatches can be sent you you if you are unsure. There is a 15% restocking fee on returns or exchanges. Please see our complete return policy.
I picked the wrong vehicle option(s) for my cover. Can I exchange the cover?
We highly encourage you to double-check the options to see that they match your vehicle exactly. Please ask us if you need help selecting the right cover. Fabric swatches can be sent you you if you are unsure. There is a 15% restocking fee on returns or exchanges. Please see our complete return policy.