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Custom Car Cover Stormproof

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2011 Nissan Frontier

King Cab, w/cab-high shell

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Stormproof is the culmination of decades of research in microfiber technology. Developed by Coverking specifically for car cover use, Stormproof is totally UNTREATED. Stormproof is INHERENTLY extremely water resistant, fade resistant, and very breathable. Test results show it to be exponentially superior to coated materials. And, because there is no coating to wear off, Stormproof will provide the same protection for your 2011 Nissan Frontier throughout its life! Exclusive Fabric Notes

Stormproof is a very thin, light fabric. It is extremely finely woven. The fabric feels like a very strong, light nylon with a slick touch to it. You can image beads of water flying off of it.
Color Notes: Black is a dark black. Gray is a light gray. Wine is a medium dark brownish red. Red is a very bright, full red. Yellow is a very bright, full yellow. Tan is a very pale tan. Blue is a medium powder blue.


  • 100% custom fitted car cover, manufactured to order with a 1 year warranty.
  • Coverking's team of in-house Textile Engineers designed a proprietary weave of microfibers to create the world's only all weather material with NO coatings, NO treatments, Nothing to wear off.
  • The superior water resistance and breathability is the same 4 years after use. Washing, rubbing and drying will not affect performance.
  • Color will not transfer to vehicle's paint!
  • Available in solid and two-tone colors.