We have a number of fine accessories that compliment your custom cover purchase. Please note that we are only able to ship these products in addition to a custom cover. We do not sell these accessories by themselves. If you place an order for an accessory by itself, we will not be able to fulfill the order.

Car Duster

Coverking car dusters do a great job of keeping your vehicle clean and looking new between washes. Used in conjunction with a cover, your vehicle will be looking showroom new with far fewer washes than it previously required! Coverking dusters are wax coated to lift dust off the vehicle.
Car Duster - $11.99

Car Cover Storage Bag

Coverking storage bags are designed to hold your car cover when not in use. They are made of Triguard or Silverguard material and close with either a drawstring or Velcro closure.
Storage Bag (Triguard Gray) - $9.99
Storage Bag (Silverguard) - $9.99

Car Cover Cable & Lock Kit

Coverking lock & cable kits are a great way to prevent cover theft. All Coverking vehicle covers include reinforced grommets on the sides for the cable to slide through. The lock is made of brass and includes two keys.
Cable & Lock Kit - $11.99

Car Cover Duffel Bag

Coverking duffel bags help keep a car cover clean and out of the way while not in use. Duffel bags are available in Silverguard fabric or Stormproof (Red or Black) fabric.
Duffel Bag (Silverguard) - $14.99
Duffel Bag (Stormproof Red) - $14.99
Duffel Bag (Stormproof Black) - $14.99