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CarCoverPlanet has helped 100's of thousands of customers since 2008 with their custom fit car covers, seat covers, dash covers and floor mats!
Thank you for your support over the years!
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"Thanks very much for staying on top of this. I appreciate your help... ALOT !!"

Lexus ES300 owner

"Great, thank you so much! Got the covers on and are very pleased with the result. Your customer service has been amazing, too!"

Dodge Ram 3500 owner

"I want to say thank you ...its was a perfect fit!"

Ford Galaxie owner

"We got the replacement cover and it fits perfectly! Thank you for your help in resolving this issue."

Citroen 2CV owner

"Perfect! I did that and got them on. Thanks for the tip :)"

Chevy Silverado owner

"I am happy to report, I received and installed my new seat covers. They fit great and I am very happy. Thank you so much for all your help along the way !! "

Ford F-150 owner

"Many thanks. The cover was waiting for me on my porch when we returned home the other day. I'm happy to say the fit is much improved and I will package and return the previous cover as you requested as soon as I can find a box big enough to put it in. Try as I might I can't reproduce you origami packing skills to get it into the small size it arrives in. People forget that the true test of a company's treatment of its customers come not during the purchase but when and if something goes wrong. That's when you see clearly the metal of the vendor who steps up and takes responsibility for a resolution. If I can help carcoverplanet with a user endorsement, just point me in the right direction. I'm very impressed especially since I didn't flag my problem until sometime after receipt. Good show."

Jeep Cherokee owner

"I reviewed the video and completely understand now how it is installed it is the correct piece that you sent me and I appreciate your help very very much! I will definitely recommend your company to family and friends I am extremely happy with the way the seat covers look and fit! Again thank you so much for the quick response and the information to install that piece correctly, now the covers look complete. again very happy! thank you! Thank you! A very happy and satisfied customer."

Chevy Silverado owner

"I was able to remove the headrests and install the seatcovers. Thank you for your help."

Chevy Colorado owner

"Thank you for helping me out with my order, it arrive today and I love it (see picture)."

Ford F-150 owner

"Thank you very much for taking care of this so fast. It is very reassuring to know that we are dealing with such a wonderful company. We were very impressed with the quality and feel of the seat covers and can't wait to get the replacement."

Ford F-150 owner

"Got them on this morning. VERY NICE. Thank you. Rock"

GMC Sierra 1500 owner

"Just finished installing my seat covers and they look incredible! I’m super pleased by the fit, the easy installation and the material quality. You get what you pay for. I’d be happy to write a review if you point me in the right direction."

Toyota 4Runner owner

"I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we received the remade front seat covers for our Chrysler Pacifica and they fit perfectly! The design is different from the first set we received but I like the new design so much better! The wait was definitely worth it! Thank you for your time, energy and patience while addressing the problem. I am happy to report that I am a satisfied customer!!"

Chrysler Pacifica owner

"Thank you so much. We love the seat covers. They are well made and look great! We love them."

Chevy Silverado owner

"Thank you very much very pleased"

"OMG! I cannot believe how easy these seat covers are to install! The fit is amazing too. Price is right for this product. Thank you for your quality and attention to detail. I’m not one to complete surveys or respond to review requests but I felt compelled to express my opinion. I’ll be talking up your covers to all friends and family."

"Thank you for the video! Everything is perfect!"

"Received and installed the replacement seat cover. More than happy with the product and customer service. Thank you!"

Nissan Frontier owner

"Thank you. We received our customized cover sits. We loved it....."

Nissan Rogue owner

"Thx figured it out. They look great!"

Ford Escape owner

"Received and we love them!!!!"

Honda CR-V owner

"Thank you for my seat covers you guys do excellent work"

Ford Mustang owner

"received seat covers yesterday for our Suburban. My husband is very pleased with the fit and color. They look very nice in our vehicle. Thank you for your help. "

GMC R1500 owner

"Thank you, they look awesome ???"

Ford F-150 owner

"I received them last night, and they fit and look great! Would definitely recommend this product!"

Ford E-250 owner

"my dash cover arrived today. I could not be happier, it fits wounderfuly. THANK you."

Chrysler LeBaron owner

"I just wanted to let you know I received the other box Monday and it did contain a full installation kit. I was able to fit the covers no problem and was very happy with them. Thanks for your help."

Toyota RAV4 owner

"I recently purchased the neosupreme seat covers for my 97 f250 ext cab and the covers fit great covering the entire seat and are an outstanding quality for the price. I'm very pleased with my purchase and will highly recommend them."

Ford F-250 owner

"We finally figured it out. I'm so sorry for all the difficulty and confusion. We love the seat covers and could not ask for a better product! Once again, I apologize and thank you for all the help! "

GMC Sierra owner