Using Seat Covers with Ventilated Seats: Your Complete Guide

CarCoverPlanet | May 28, 2023

Many of our customers wonder whether seat covers with their car's ventilated seats. Will the cooling effect still work? Which are the best types of seat covers for this purpose? We're here to answer your queries and guide you through the process of choosing the right seat covers for your car's ventilated seats.

Ventilated Seats: How Do They Work?

Ventilated seats, often referred to as cooled seats or air-conditioned seats, are a luxury feature in many modern vehicles. They operate on a straightforward principle: A series of small fans built into the seat push air through the seat's cushion and backrest, providing a cooling effect and increasing comfort, particularly in hot weather.

Can I Use Seat Covers on Ventilated Seats?

The short answer is yes, you can use seat covers on ventilated seats. However, for the cooling system to work effectively, the seat cover should be breathable to allow the air to pass through. A breathable seat cover facilitates the ventilation process, ensuring that the cooling effect is not hindered.

What are the Best Seat Covers for Ventilated Seats?

When it comes to choosing seat covers for ventilated seats, it's essential to consider materials that allow airflow while offering the requisite protection and enhancement for your car seats.

Spacer Mesh is an excellent choice for ventilated seats. As the name suggests, this breathable mesh fabric allows for optimal airflow while maintaining comfort and durability. The open weave design facilitates efficient ventilation, making it ideal for use with cooled seats.

Other commendable options include Neosupreme, Velour, Spartanshield, and Saddleblanket. These materials offer varying degrees of breathability, contributing to an enjoyable driving experience even in the hottest climates.

Despite its popularity for its water resistance and durability, Neoprene may not be the best choice for ventilated seats. The reason lies in its rubber layer, which can hinder the ventilation process. A great alternative is Neosupreme which is similar but without the rubber layer, making it much more breathable and suitable for air conditioned seats.

Similarly, Leatherette might not be the best option for ventilated seats. However, there is a solution for those who prefer the luxurious feel of leatherette. The Perforated Leatherette option allows for better breathability while maintaining the aesthetic appeal and durability associated with this material.

Unrivaled Custom Seat Covers for Ventilated Seats

At CarCoverPlanet, we believe in providing our customers with a wide range of high-quality, custom-fit seat covers, meticulously designed to accommodate the functionality of your vehicle's ventilated seats. We have a variety of seat covers made from breathable materials that work seamlessly with your car's cooling system.

With our custom-fit seat covers, you can enjoy the luxurious comfort of your car's ventilated seats while preserving their longevity and appearance. Our products add an extra layer of protection and style, ensuring your car's interior looks as cool as it feels. 

To summarize, using seat covers with ventilated seats is not just possible but highly beneficial. Remember that your choice of seat cover material can affect the efficiency of the cooling system, so make your selection wisely. And when it comes to options, CarCoverPlanet is ready to assist with an impressive array of seat covers designed to keep you and your car cool, no matter how hot it gets outside.